This San Francisco based humorist uses stand-up and cartooning to bring you a little closer to his existential plane of weird. From small town class clown to Bay Area buffoon, his wordplay-laden misdirection takes you on a journey through odd musings and silly voices. Covering the adventures of job-hopping to having more body hair than one man needs, his comedy gives a classic take on self-deprecating humor a fuzzy twist of strange.


Half Mexican, half white, and full on funny. The day he dropped out of community college he solemnly swore to make others chuckle. Coming out of San Francisco but repping San Jose, this 25-year-old Bay Area native is a blue collar slacker with a taste for the goofier things in life. He has traveled up and down both coasts playing anywhere from bars and cafes to theaters and comedy clubs in order to uphold his oath.